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I'm in a Musical Play

'' Paghanduraw: Poesie et Revue ''
A staged-production wherein a combination of poetry, dances and contemporary expressionism will be showcased by the BSTM students and guests from Manila. The performances will revolve mainly on social issues of the society. The purpose of this is to raise awareness on what is currently happening in the society and on what we can do to help through literature and performing arts. Furthermore, the organizers are looking at this as a chance to showcase the talents of the BSTM student performers and invited guests as well as an avenue for our target audience to see the strength of our youth in facing societal issues. The proceeds of this undertaking will be spent in the community extension activity in the BSTM's ecotourism community at Sitio Tabionan, Bucari, Leon, Iloilo.
So, I was in ANAK group here our some pictures while performing the contemporary dance.


I got a signed autograph from Cameron Dallas

Hello, I'm back...... again 

it's been forever since my last status here on my blog because I've been so busy on our Musical Play anyways last February, 2017 I won a signed autograph of Cameron Dallas

from penshoppe if you want to know the full story how I won the giveaway watch my video here .


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