Movie List for HALLOWEEN!!!!

As you all know I’m in love with horror films so here are my Top 10 Movie List for Halloween!!! it’s really very good thing to watch this coming Halloween. Enjoy!

1. Halloween ( 2007 )
If your into old films you can also check out the Halloween ( 1978 ) the very first ever movie of the one and only Psycho Killer ‘’ Michael Myers ‘’ 
Here’s the link of the original Halloween from 1-8 Halloween List
and for the remake the latest Halloween ( 2007 ) CLICK LINK
2. Friday the 13th ( 2009 )
I really don’t like the old so i recommend the remake Friday the 13th ( 2009 )
3. A Nightmare on Elm Street ( 2010 )
The old are also good but again if your into old film you probably check them out but if not then here is the remake of the original film Nightmare 2010
4. Scream 1-4
You totally need to watch the 4 of them because they are so damn good. GOOD JOB Wes Craven he was a great Director ever ohhh great fact he directed Nightmare ( original ) , of course Scream and The Hills Have Eyes ( original ) CLICK LINK
5. The Hills Have Eyes ( 2006 )
This is the remake of Wes Craven film CLICK LINK
6. The Hills Run Red 
7. Wrong Turn  1 & 2 
are probably the best very real to watch after that the 3, 4 , & 6 are not anymore so I really recommend the first and second loveeeeeeeeeee theeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmm ;)
8. The Town the Dreaded Sundown ( 1976 & 2014 )
This is base on real events and yes it happen in real life you can watch the 1st movie year 1976 it explains everything there after that you can watch the sequel year 2014 it really is good you totally watch it.
9. Insidious ( 1,2 & 3 )
10. The Conjuring ( 1 & 2 )

oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael Myers


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